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"Please Note": Taxes and service charges are applicable.   Rate of the food products may be revised later depending upon the circumstances.


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Veg Cutlet(2Pcs) Rs 80/-
Paneer Cutlet(2pcs) Rs 125/-
Veg Spring Roll Rs 110/-
Paneer Spring Roll Rs 125/-
Chicken Spring Roll Rs 150/-
Veg Chowmin(H/F) Rs 90/150/-
Paneer Chowmin(H/F) Rs 110/170/-
Egg Chowmin(H/F) Rs 120/195/-
Chicken Chowmin(H/F) Rs 130/210/-
Mixed Chowmin(Nonveg)(H/F) Rs 140/240/-
Veg Pakoda(6pcs) Rs 100/-
Paneer Pakoda(4pcs/8pcs) Rs 90/170/-
Chicken Pakoda(4pcs/8pcs) Rs 120/210/-
Finger Chips Rs 90/-
Crispy Chilli Potato Rs 110/-
Crispy Honey Potato Rs 125/-
Chicken Kemma Roll Rs 115/-
Crispy Babycorn Chilli Rs 185/-
Crispy Chicken Chilli Rs 210/-
Mushroom Peeper Salt Rs 185/-
Mix 99(Veg) Rs 240/-
Paneer Satte Dry(8pcs) Rs 250/-
American Chopsy (Veg/Nonveg) Rs 240/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Veg Hot 'N' Soup Rs 70/-
Chicken Hot 'N' Soup Rs 90/-
Veg Manchow Rs 80/-
Chicken Manchow Rs 90/-
Tomato Soup Rs 70/-
Veg Sweet Corn Soup Rs 80/-
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup Rs 90/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Steam Rice Rs 80/-
Jeera Rice Rs 90/-
Peas Pulao Rs 120/-
Veg Pulao Rs 150/-
Veg.Fried Rice Rs 145/-
Egg Fried Rice Rs 160/-
Chicken Fried Rice Rs 190/-
Mix Fried Rice (veg/non-veg) Rs 230/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Dal Fry Rs 80/-
Dal Tadka Rs 90/-
Dal Makhni Rs 110/-
Dal Handi Rs 100/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Tawa Roti Rs 18/-
Butter Tawa Roti Rs 20/-
Tandoor Roti Rs 15/-
Butter Tandoor Roti Rs 18/-
Plain Kulcha Rs 40/-
Aloo Kulcha Rs 45/-
Onion Kulcha Rs 50/-
Paneer Kulcha Rs 65/-
Laccha Paratha Rs 50/-
Plain Naan Rs 40/-
Butter Naan Rs 50/-
Garlic Naan Rs 70/-
Cheese Naan Rs 75/-
Stuffed Naan Rs 80/-
Shahi Naan Rs 100/-
Kashmiri Naan Rs 110/-
Roti Shoti Special Naan Rs 110/-
Keema Naan (Mutton) Rs 210/-
Mughlai Paratha(Veg./Non-Veg.) Rs 170/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Veg. Biriyani with Raita Rs 190/-
Chicken Biriyani with Raita (2pc) Rs 230/-
Mutton Dum Biryani (2pc) Rs 270/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Egg Curry (2pc) Rs 100/-
Chicken Latpat (2pc) Rs 140/-
Chicken Latpat (4pc) Rs 250/-
Chicken Curry (2pc) Rs 130/-
Chicken Curry (4pc) Rs 240/-
Chicken Do Pyaza (2pc) Rs 140/-
Chicken Do Pyaza (4pc) Rs 250/-
Kadhai Chicken (2pc) Rs 140/-
Kadhai Chicken (4pc) Rs 250/-
Chicken Masala (2pc) Rs 150/-
Chicken Masala (4pc) Rs 270/-
Chicken Butter Masala (2pc) Rs 160/-
Chicken Butter Masala (4pc) Rs 290/-
Chicken Tikka Masala(4Pcs) Rs 160/-
Chicken Tikka Masala(8Pcs) Rs 300/-
Chicken Handi (2Pcs) Rs 150/-
Chicken Handi (4Pcs) Rs 270/-
Chicken Kali Mirch (Half) Rs 290/-
Chicken Kali Mirch (Full) Rs 550/-
Chicken Punjabi (Half) Rs 300/-
Chicken Punjabi (Full) Rs 600/-
Chicken Bagdadi (Half) Rs 320/-
Chicken Bagdadi (Full) Rs 620/-
Chicken Diwani (Half) Rs 320/-
Chicken Diwani (Full) Rs 620/-
Roti Shoti Special Chicken (Half) Rs 330/-
Roti Shoti special Chicken (Full) Rs 630/-
Murg Mussallam (Half) Rs 320/-
Murg Mussallam (Full) Rs 630/-
Chicken Afgani Gravy (Half) Rs 300/-
Chicken Afgani Gravy (Full) Rs 590/-
Chicken Noorani (Half) Rs 300/-
Chicken Noorani (Full) Rs 590/-
Chicken Makhni Masala (Half) Rs 275/-
Chicken Makhni Masala (Full) Rs 525/-
Chicken Leg Stuff Butter M/s (2pc) Rs 170/-
Chicken Tikka Lababdar (4pc) Rs 250/-
Chicken Tikka Lababdar (8pc) Rs 360/-
Chicken Bharta (4pc) Rs 250/-
Chicken Dehati (4pc) N/A
Mixed Veg Rs 160/-
Seasonal Veg Rs 100/-
Aaloo Dum Rs 110/-
Aaloo Do Pyaza Rs 220/-
Mutter Paneer Rs 160/-
Paneer Do Pyaza (4pc) Rs 110/-
Paneer Do Pyaza (8pc) Rs 210/-
Kadhi Paneer (4pc) Rs 125/-
Kadhi Paneer (8pc) Rs 220/-
Paneer Masala (4pc) Rs 125/-
Paneer Masala (8pc) Rs 220/-
Paneer Handi (4pc) Rs 125/-
Paneer Handi (8pc) Rs 220/-
Paneer Butter Masala (Half) Rs 140/-
Paneer Butter Masala (Half) Rs 250/-
Paneer Pasanda (8pc) Rs 240/-
Paneer Tikka Lababdar (8pc) Rs 265/-
Paneer Panjabi (8Pcs) Rs 300/-
Paneer Diwani Rs 320/-
Paneer Bagdadi Rs 310/-
Paneer Keema Rs 240/-
Stuffed Tomato (2pc) Rs 120/-
Malai kofta (2pc) Rs 195/-
Paneer Kofta (2pc) Rs 185/-
Mushroom Do Pyaza Rs 210/-
Mushroom Masala Rs 220/-
Shahi Paneer Rs 250/-
Paneer Tawa Masala (8Pcs) Rs 275/-
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala (8Pcs.) Rs 290/-
Paneer Rajwari Rs 290/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Veg Manchurian (8pc) Rs 180/-
Chicken Manchurian (6pc) Rs 210/-
Paneer Chilli (8pc) Rs 185/-
Chicken Chilli B.(8Pcs) Rs 195/-
Chicken Chilli (BL)(8pc) Rs 210/-
Chicken 65 (8Pcs) Rs 240/-
Veg. Lollypop (4pc) Rs 150/-
Chicken Lollypop (6pc) Rs 180/-
Mushroom Chilli Rs 185/-
Baby Corn Chilli Rs 185/-
Chicken Singapuri Dry (4Pcs) Rs 170/-
Chicken Singapuri Dry (8Pcs) Rs 320/-
Lemon Chicken Dry (8Pcs) Rs 265/-
Chicken Satte Dry(8Pcs) Rs 275/-
Chicken Saslik (8Pcs) Rs 265/-
Egg Chilli Dry(4Pcs) Rs 90/-
Egg Chilli Dry(8Pcs) Rs 160/-

Tandoor Se

Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Chicken Tangri Dry(2Pcs) Rs 180/-
Leg Kabab (2pc) Rs 240/-
Chicken Tikka (8pc) Rs 210/-
Chicken Malai Tikka (8pc) Rs 220/-
Tandoori Chicken (Half) Rs 200/-
Tandoori Chicken (Full) Rs 380/-
Chicken Reshmi Kabab Rs 240/-
Chicken Afghani Kabab (Half) Rs 240/-
Chicken Afghani Kabab (Full) Rs 460/-
Chicken Hyderabadi Kabab (8pc) Rs 250/-
Chicken Boti Kabab (8pc) Rs 230/-
Paneer Tikka (8pc) Rs 185/-
Paneer Malai Tikka (8pc) Rs 195/-
Paneer Haryali Tikka (8pc) Rs 210/-
Veg Seekh Kabab Rs 160/-
Paneer Seekh Kabab Rs 185/-
Paneer Goli Kabab Rs 185/-
Chicken Pahari Kabab(Full) Rs 400/-
Chicken Seekh Kabab(Full) Rs 230/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Mutton Curry (2pc) Rs 160/-
Mutton Curry (4pc) Rs 320/-
Mutton Do Pyaza (2pc) Rs 170/-
Mutton Do Pyaza (4pc) Rs 345/-
Mutton Kassa (2pc) Rs 185/-
Mutton Kassa (4pc) Rs 370/-
Mutton Roghan Josh (2pc) Rs 170/-
Mutton Roghan Josh (4pc) Rs 345/-
Mutton Korma (2pc) Rs 160/-
Mutton Korma (4pc) Rs 340/-
Mutton Chap Masala (2pc) Rs 160/-
Mutton Chap Masala (4pc) Rs 340/-
Mutton Masala (2pc) Rs 170/-
Mutton Masala (4pc) Rs 345/-
Mutton Stu (2pc) Rs 170/-
Mutton Stu (4pc) Rs 345/-
Mutton Punjabi (8pcs) Rs 700/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Onion Salad Rs 40/-
Green Salad Rs 60/-
Family Green Salad Rs 110/-
Fruit Salad Rs 130/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Plain papad (Dry/Fry) Rs 15/-
Masala Papad (Dry/Fry) Rs 30/-
Curd Rs 50/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Mixed vegetable Raita Rs 60/-
Boondi Raita Rs 60/-
Pineapple Raita Rs 70/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Mineral Water Rs 25/-
Cold Drink (Glass) Rs 25/-
Masala Cold Drink Rs 30/-
Fresh Lime Water (Sweet/Salt) Rs 25/-
Coffee(S) Rs 30/-
Cold Coffee Rs 75/-
Tea Rs 15/-
Cappiccino Rs 50/-


Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Rasogulla (2Pcs) Rs 40/-
Gulab Jamun (2pc) Rs 40/-
Rasmalai Rs 70/-

Mocktails & Shakes

Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Blue Lagoon Rs 70/-
Orange Deep Rs 80/-
Vanilla Shake Rs 100/-
Butter Scotch Shake Rs 120/-
Mix Dry Fruit Shake Rs 140/-
Chrunchy Energy Chocolate Shake Rs 150/-
Dark Chocolate Shake Rs 130/-
Hot & Cold Chocolate Shake Rs 160/-

Ice Creams

Item Name Price Food Quantity Order Now
Single Scoop(Vanilla,Strawberyy) Rs 50/-
Single Scoop(Butterscotch,Kesar Pista,Chocolate) Rs 70/-
Double Sandae (Any two scoop) Rs 110/-
Soft Cone(Any) Rs 70/-
Tutti Fruity Rs 150/-


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